Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day: Chevron Style

Several weeks back I featured a tutorial for a floating mantle that my husband made for our living room. I was dying to have a spot to hang the kids' stockings and dreamed of redecorating it for each season. The stockings were indeed hung and brought all the satisfaction I had hope for...

But now they are down and I've been stumped for a of couple weeks about what to do with my mantle. It's hung on a burnt orange accent wall, which adds to the challenge!

Thankfully, Abbey over at TheCardsWeDrew directed me to some adorable FREE printables at DimplePrints for Valentine's Day. They are just "theme-y" enough to bring in the Valentine's feel, but not too cliche or overdone. Plus, they are grey and aqua, one of my favorite color combinations AND they are chevron striped...can't get much better in my book!

The printables are intended for a party, but my mantle accepted them with open arms...

I used the cupcake toppers to make little signs on sticks and put them in a vase of sugar (what's more Valentine's Day than sugar?!).  

{Love} this banner!

Thanks DimplePrints!

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