Friday, December 28, 2012

Still to Come

Time to pack up the ornaments, wind up the lights and take down the tree. The rush and joy of Christmas is behind us for another year. It's bittersweet, like {SO} many things in life. I'm relieved to have all the Christmas shopping behind me and ready to "get back to normal", but I'm equally sad to see another season of traditions pass into history and moments of joy gone forever.

Perhaps that's the pessimist in me, perhaps the realist. I've blogged before about this nagging feeling that I'm missing each moment even while it is happening. It’s this very keen awareness that I only get this moment once. A somber realization of all it means to be mortal. It causes me to dive in as much as I can, but it also comes with an unavoidable sorrow.  

The holidays make these truths particularly stark. I see one Christmas with my kids gone, one morning of opening gifts and snuggling on the couch out of my grasp forever.  And so, memories are beautiful and bittersweet to me. I relish them, but in ways I despise them for the fact that they are only memories.

And in light of that, I cling to new beginnings!  I love the thought of getting to look ahead, with anticipation and hope for what’s to come. I find New Year’s to be the perfect anecdote to my post-Christmas blues. It refreshes me and reminds me that  while some moments are gone, many more are still to come. It does me such good to think of all the specific and abstract things {still to come} in life.
{Still to Come}

Celebrating one full year of surprises and joy with my little sunshine, Havyn
Celebrating a second year of laughter and learning with my adorable Ky-Bear
Turning 30 (lots more blogging to come about that celebration!)
Enjoying time with my husband during his first summer off
Exploring life with a 1 & 2 year old in each hand
Spending more time with family & friends
Growing my business & my blog
Celebrating births & birthdays
Planting a vegetable garden
Visiting old friends
Making new friends

Wishing you a year full of

Celebrating life, one day at a time

Happy New Year,


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