Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stop & See

I have wanted to start a gratitude practice for over a year now. 

Last year, the kids and I decopauged boxes and now insert notes of thanks into them a couple times a week. Although this was a great start and a perfect gratitude practice for the kids, for me it fell short. Once my note of thanks slipped into the box, it entered my vast "sea of forgetfulness," leaving me with no visual reminders of all the beautiful right nows I had observed days and weeks prior. 
This January, I finally started my list, a simple numbering in my journal inspired by 1,000 Gifts. I have loved how my ears hear what was once just background noise and how my heart perks up at the simplest things. How I have tasted more and smelled more since starting to give thanks.  

I am thankful for...

75) Magic tea that makes them grow
76) Second chances & a million "I forgive you's"
77) Bedtime at nine

I'm thankful for...

82) Friends of friends, and not having to reinvent the wheel
83) Fruit for dessert
84) Deep breaths in & slow exhales out

I'm thankful for...

88) Friendships that accept my humanity
89) Gratitude in my emptiness
90) A family that sees my goodness despite me

I'm thankful for...

95) Afternoon naps & the right to say "No"
96) Little selves expressing their uniqueness
97) Family nature walks

It's never too late to start your own gratitude list...
What are you thankful for?

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