Thursday, November 26, 2015

Much for which to give thanks...

It has been a very busy few weeks around here, as I am sure all of you can relate! Preparing for the holidays, helping friends through major transitions, work, school, house-keeping. But in it all, I know there is so very much for which to give thanks. And sometimes, stopping long enough to name those things, is the best gift I can give to myself and to my family. Will you pause with me for a moment and give name to all that we are grateful for?

True friends and chances to serve
Healthy children, one doctor visit a year
Local vegetables and nearby orchards
The privilege of sharing my story: One Slender Thread
This blog and all of you
Grace for ongoing growth
Life's many celebrations
Generous, enjoyable in-laws
Books, books, books
Bubble baths in the evening
Date nights with my love
Annual family photos, memories and laughs
Pink morning skies
Cuddles on the couch
Moments of being fully present
Old friends and new
Traditions and a warm home to enjoy them in

From our family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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