Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beautiful Right Nows

A couple weeks ago I wrote about starting a new kind of list. Rather than my usual lists of endless household chores and errands to run and bills to pay - all of which I usually have four or five going at all times - I felt a stirring to try something new. I felt compelled to still all the spinning, silence all the noise.

This new list is a list of all the simple moments, all the beautiful right nows, that too often go unnoticed. A list of all to be thankful for, all to be aware of and savor before it passes. 

9) The slowed-pace of winter
10) All day in my jammies
11) Mason jars & dark wood

I have added to my list all month. Just in two short weeks of committing to this new kind of list, I have found myself slowing down and waking up. Noticing the background noises all around me.  Noticing the way light casts shadows and illuminates. Noticing scents and textures with new vitality...

15) Snowy days that make us stiller
16) The sparkle of static at night
17) Peanut butter whiskers

I have felt genuinely calmer, genuinely more present. Even with my husband getting in a major car accident and totally his car, even with computers crashing and sick kids and too much to do, I have found so much to be thankful for. So much to stop me in the midst of my spinning, and stand in awe.

25) Backseat belly laughs
26) Family dance parties
27) Still bodies & steady nap time breathing

In T.S. Elliot's poem, East Coker, he writes about, "a lifetime burning in every moment." Those words are resonating with me these days, and leave me to wonder how much of life we are missing with all our spinning, all our hurrying from one place to the next, all our endless lists of more and more to do? What if this moment is truly enough?

46) Pen & paper that let my mind breath
47) Coffee stains & ink smudges
48) The glow of confidence in mirror reflections

I am deeply inspired by gratitude practicers Ann Voskamp and Brene Brown. These woman have lived the hard questions and have found life and truth in giving thanks always. I want to be someone who gives thanks always; who is audacious enough to believe that every second is a gift

64) A month of new "I love you's" 
65) Winter sunlight reflecting off bright white
66) Kindred words

Will you join me in noticing the beautiful right nows? In counting every second as a gift? I would love to have you along for the journey! Tell us about your gratitude practice! 


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