Monday, March 16, 2015

Help Unite Our Families

Last month, I shared about our walk back into the adoption world. How, with fear & shaky legs, we gathered all the paperwork, went to all the meetings, checked all the boxes. How, a few months later, we received a referral of the most beautiful six-week-old baby boy. And how we wrestled over the decision of whether or not to accept the referral.

You see, we are adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country in Africa with a long, tumultuous history. For a year and a half now, the DRC has banned the departure of any child adopted from their country. That means, that although hundreds of adoptions have been processed, paid for and finalized, the children have been stuck in orphanages and foster care homes in the DRC for over 500 days! 

This is obviously not acceptable. 

We received news last week that our own adoption is nearing finalization! But we still cannot bring him home. Instead, we join the many families anxiously awaiting the day the DRC lifts this ban and allows all adopted children to finally fly home to their forever families.

Will you please help us make this happen?

Will you take five minutes out of your day to make a phone call and to share this link with all your friends and family, through every media network you have access to? There is a script and phone number provided for you below, and all images are available for your use. 

CALL the White House on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

The number is 202-456-1111. 

“I am calling to…

..Ask that President Obama intervene on behalf of all the children adopted by US citizens but prevented from leaving their home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

..Ask that President Obama call President Kabila personally.

...Remind you that on July 16 of last year, 167 members of Congress wrote a letter to President Obama, appealing for his personal intervention. His help is still needed!

..Remind you of the tremendous popularity and influence President Obama carries in the DRC, as our first African-American president, and to appeal to him to use that influence to help unite these children with their forever families in the US.”

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