Monday, September 23, 2013

TWINpop: A Baby Shower

I recently had the privilege of helping throw a baby shower for twins, one boy and one girl,  due in just a few weeks (if they don't decide to POP out sooner!). I'm excited to share the pictures with you today!

 After searching the web for suitable twin-themed baby shower ideas, we were unsatisfied with the options available to us...Thing 1 & Thing 2 or Noah's Ark just didn't quite fit the bill. So, we quickly turned to Carli of DimplePrints to design a custom printable set for us with twinpops as the inspiration. What a cute, fun event it turned out to be! 

For this event, I was in charge of the dessert table and welcome/favor table. We included some yummy, fun treats on this dessert table including white and dark chocolate twinpops, doughnut holes and rice krispy treat pops. We also had "Two by Two" animal crackers and a fabulous twinpop inspired cake. 

The host made two adorable "C's" to decorate the main food table. I love the chevron  prints and adorable bow and bowtie embellishments! We also wrapped boxes with chevron wrapping paper to create layers and twisted rows of pink and aqua streamers for the background. 

 The rice krispy treat pops were a cute, easy addition. I just made an extra thick pan of rice krispy treats, cut them into rectangles, then inserted a popsicle stick. Viola!

The host was a huge creative help, designing these adorable centerpieces with pictures of the expectant couple and printables from DimplePrints. 

The welcome table included a place for guests to offer "Well Wishes for Mama & Babies" as well as several treats for them to take home. 

I love the power of embellishments and creativity! My motto is: Find a way to use what you have. I added grey pleated ribbon to glass apothecary jars, included the chevron wrapping paper and more of DimplePrint's printables to create a cute, custom welcome table. 

So glad I got to be part of this unique, fun twin baby shower! 

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