Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hear Me ROAR

I'm driving in the car this weekend, crazily running errands and answering phone calls, making mental lists and checking texts at every stoplight, when I first hear it: A faint, but growing ROAR. I am almost too caught up in life's frenzied motion to give it a second thought, but something in my gut pauses and listens for a moment. Something in me stands at attention, and there it is again, welling up all around me now: ROARIt only takes a quick scan of my week to realize the source: This is the ROAR of courageous, resilient, powerful women.

This week, I look around and am overcome by the strength of the women surrounding me. In the small circle of friends I hold closest, just this week...

One has battled her way through lawyers and realtors and courts in order to provide a home for her family.  
One has stayed up late at night and disciplined herself in study for medical school in order to show her children the powerful example of being true to your gifts.
One has stood beside the bed of her chronically ill five-year-old, and with a kiss on the forehead, given her daughter strength and peace to face a liver transplant. 

Watching these amazing women navigate life's many obstacles and opportunities with strength and grace and courage has been eye-opening. It has brought me to my knees in grateful humility for the lives I have a privilege of being a part of. It has created a lump in my throat and a deep joy in my heart. Do you hear the ROAR? 

Other dear friends are adding to the ROAR by starting businesses to provide for their families and to serve other mamas. Others have taken on the honorable task of educating their own children, and still others have offered their time and love in caring and educating children not their own. Others have stepped out of their comfort zone to engage with political leaders and to fight with every honorable weapon at hand in order to welcome an orphan into their home, as their own, forever.

And I stand, aware and in awe of the ROAR all around me. Astounded by the show of strength and courage in the lives that I get to call "Friend." I am stronger and wiser and far better because of each one. And so...

To Crystal, the Tenacious, may your strength and truth shape your own and influence many others.
To Rachel, the Wise, may your insight and intellect be a gift to heal many, and may your inquiries never cease. 
To Whitney, the Brave, may your vulnerability ever be your strength, and may your courage be a light for many others. 

And to all of you: Today may you look around and see the strength surrounding you, and may that strength give you the courage to do the impossible. 

The ones I get to call FRIEND!
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