Friday, October 2, 2015

A Fall Tradition

The sun is barely peaking through the clouds, the ground is dappled with yellow and red leaves and a cold breeze is shuffling through the trees. We've yet to turn our heart on, but I feel the chill of Winter well on it's way, as signs of Fall surround us at every turn. It is my favorite season, both for the festivities and the traditions, and for the reminder that all things pass in time. 

In celebration of the season, our family has started an annual Fall Party. Tonight, we host our third year of friends gathered around the fire pit, kids running in piles of hay and bobbing for apples, decadent s'more bars and delicious soups from every mama's kitchen filling our bellies. And in honor of the festivities awaiting us this evening, I thought I would share some photos of last year's Fall Party with you. May you find inspiration to start your own traditions around the fire, gathered with friends, celebrating life and the beauty of Fall. 

For an easy Fall display, station your S'more Bar against a fence and use an old white sheet to cover a folding table or a board on sawhorses. Then grab some pails and boxes and anything that catches your eye, and experiment with turning them upside down or sideways to use to set food on. Framed, hand-written signs and simple pennant banners add the perfect finishing touches!

Our little fire buddy, and me before chopping all my hair off and bleaching it blonde! 

A few close-ups of the S'more bar and one of the best additions to any marshmallow roasting party: A Sticky Finger Station! 

Last but not least, our hay pit AKA Piles of Pure Fun! 

Wishing you & your loved ones a wonderful Fall season this year!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I'd love to host something like this once we have a backyard to do so :) Unique traditions are the best.

    1. Oh yes, our backyard gets SO much use! Any excuse to gather friends and family, we're on it! :)


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