Monday, June 15, 2015

Tell Your Story

In a couple weeks, I will be leading my third 30 Day Writing Challenge. I birthed the idea of the 30 Day Writing Challenge after starting on my own journey into writing and self-expression, a desperate last-measure which I write about here. As I experienced the power of storytelling for myself, up rose a deep desire to share the treasures that writing was bringing into my life with all of you. 
The 30 Day Writing Challenge is not about making everyone into an exquisite writer, a full-time writer, or a regular blogger. Not at all. The Challenge is about giving you a structured space to explore your own soul. Consider it a guided journal. And if you want to share, great. But the Challenge is more about giving you a space to finally hear with clarity the sound of your own voice as you sit in silence and tell your stories - to yourself first and foremost, and then to others if it seems right. 
Even a year ago, when all I had was my own testimony, I sensed the power of storytelling. That's largely why this blog exists. Because I  believed that penning our journeys would be a life-altering act. And I wanted to live out that belief by telling my stories, and by inviting you into the journey of telling your own stories. 
Today, to add more weight to my claim that telling your story is life-altering, I'm sharing just a few of the quotes I have collected from "the experts" - authors and storytellers, movers and shakers, poets and visionaries. I hope you'll take a minute to read their words, to take them at their word, and to consider signing up to be a part of the July 5th 30 Day Writing Challenge round hereIt has been so rewarding to have readers and friends join me on this adventure, and I cannot wait to go at it again, perhaps this time with you!

For more information about the 30 Day Writing Challenge, go here. 

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