Thursday, May 28, 2015

Moving Toward Mystery

Throughout May I had the privilege of sharing my story at A Sacred Journey, a website devoted to "sacred conversations and the pilgrim's journey." I stumbled upon the site way back in January, as I was compiling a new reading list for 2015. Lacy, founder of A Sacred Journey, is also author of the book, Pilgrim Principles: Journeying with Intention in Everyday Life

Lacy's book appealed to me for how it incorporated the messiness of what many spiritual journeys are, with the practicality of daily practices.  She presents seven over-arching spiritual principles, outlined in a daily reading for each day of the week, over the course of 7 weeks - just the kind of structure that appeals to a busy mama and list-maker like me! If you haven't check out Pilgrim Principles yet, I encourage you to do so. 

After reading Lacy's book, I emailed her to thank her for this literary contribution to the world, and to ask more about her journey as a writer, blogger and author. As our emails continued to go back-and-forth, the opportunity was presented for me to be featured as one of her "Pilgrims in Residence." This would be an opportunity for me to talk about my own spiritual journey - the ups and downs, the wandering and wondering, and where it all has lead. 
Lacy wrote, "The story Noelle's been sharing all month is exactly the type of journey I want to share with and awaken in others—one which moves us toward mystery, and, consequently, draws us closer to our true selves and the Divine." 

It was an honor and a revelation to write this series. If you missed it, please consider giving them a read now. Each part is very short, but captures so succinctly so much of my life and spiritual journey over the past decade. I would be honored to share this story with you!

Moving Toward Mystery, Part 1: My Journey of Redefining the Divine
Moving Toward Mystery, Part 2: Struggling in a Foreign Land
Moving Toward Mystery, Part 3: When It All Fell Apart
Moving Toward Mystery, Part 4: Searching For Deeper Meaning

Finally, if you've ever felt a pull to write out your own story - or just to write in general - I would love to have you join us for our next 30 Day Writing Challenge. The next session starts July 5th, and you can find more details here

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