Monday, April 27, 2015

Black & Gold Bridal Shower

If you know me at all, you know I love a good celebration! Especially when the event is for someone I love and adore, I cannot wait to shower them with a day totally set apart from any other. SO, when my sister-in-law and soon-to-be brother-in-law got engaged last Spring, I knew right away that a bridal shower for her was in my party-planning future! And thankfully, she agreed and the other sisters-in-law got together and threw a beautiful, fun bridal shower lunch a couple week ago.

We wanted to keep things classy and modern, like the bride and her wedding. We stuck with black, white and gold, and I got to be in charge of my very favorite party detail: the dessert table! I mean, who doesn't love a tasty and beautiful dessert table?!

I made two styles of chocolate covered strawberries, and watched as they were the first treat to be completely devoured by the shower guests! I also made dark chocolate swirled popcorn, simply air popping a batch of popcorn then spooning strips of melted Ghiardelli chocolate all over it. Yum!! Did I mention I love dessert tables?! 

My sister-in-law added some delicious cinnamon roll macaroons and the ever-addictive chocolate dipped Oreos. I also made Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispy Pops, which received rave reviews from everyone I caught eating one. AND, I'll be sharing that recipe with you soon!! 

I made a "date night" basket of six pre-planned dates for the bride and groom to enjoy during their first year. Isn't love fun?! So excited to attend the wedding in a couple weeks!!

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  1. I have to ask because I'm making some next week- where did you get the large strawberries? They are gorgeous! (As is everything- great job!)

    1. They sell them large these days, huh?! I think these were from our local Meijer's. I actually tried to pick the smaller ones so that there was a larger chocolate to strawberry ratio ;)


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