Thursday, February 26, 2015

Recipes for the Heart: Weekly Nourishment for the Soul

We met over coffee and shared stories about building online businesses, throwing parties for our littles and trying to build community through the web. I have known Abbey, author & owner of The Cards We Drew, for a couple years now, but only recently got to meet her in person. Together, we dreamed up a new series that I will be launching in just a few days.

It's called "Recipes for the Heart." 
The goal is to bridge the gap between our usual, casual web-surfing for that next great recipe or yet another must-do Pinterest project, and the hearts and relationships that make each of our lives truly meaningful.

The goal is not to downplay the joy of crafting or the thrill of throwing a great party. I love those things, too! Rather, my goal is to offer a space for connecting with our hearts, in the midst of all the other to do's crammed onto our daily lists. 

My goal is to create a space where we can take a few deep breaths, be reminded of what beats most truly inside of us and hopefully encourage us toward more wholehearted living. 
Recipes for the Heart will focus on a new quality each month - ideas like Bravery, Vulnerability, Mystery, Gratitude. I will share stories and quotes and offer questions and prompts. We'll start this Monday with thoughts on {Bravery}.

I hope you'll stop by and join us! 

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