Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mint, Blue & Purple Owl Birthday Party

Hard to believe we're already over halfway through 2014. What the heck!?  It's amazing how slowly an individual morning can go when I'm dealing with two fussy, defiant toddlers, trying to check a million to do's off my list, cook, clean...but then I blink, and six months have passed! And I would give anything to freeze some of those mornings in time, to capture them and live in them forever. 

You may be wondering why all the nostalgia or time-talk. Well, I'm about to share pictures from my kiddos' second and third birthday party...which happened back in March! I'm not sure how I left this on the to do list for so long since I'm normally anal about getting those crazy squares checked off as quickly as possible. Somehow it slipped, but was a special enough event that I couldn't let it go forever.

We had a low-key celebration this year, compared to years passed. Less friends, less decor and a much lower budget. We weren't even sure whether or not to do a party initially, thinking maybe it was better to cut the logistics and expense altogether for a year. But, in the end, I realized celebrations are in my nature and these are my babies who will only turn two and three once. So, party it was!!

I did vow early on not to make any new purchases for the party decor, which I faithfully stuck to. I looted my craft room and put together a theme based on cute little birthday owls in mint greens, blues and purples. I happened to have a ton of sheer mint green fabric left over from my daughter's nursery, so we were able to do a beautiful fabric bunting draping into a balloon chandelier. 

Cupcakes are a must for me because they are a great way to tie in a party's theme, and because I could eat cupcakes all day long! I made owl toppers and heart toppers, all with extra paper I had laying around the house. 

Since I was trying to keep costs low, I made my own cakepops! I kept them simple with white chocolate coating and mint polka dots. Our favors were a hodgepodge of leftover party favors from previous events, clearance halloween favors I had in storage and one bag of new candy. I loved being able to destash my party supply closet, while saving money!

I wrapped little juice boxes in the same coordinating owl paper, stamped owls on blue paper bags and embellished the water pitcher with ribbon and a mint heart. No new supplies were purchased in the making of these pieces (catching a theme?!).

 One of my favorite pieces was the mantle display, which included handmade pieces of art by the kids themselves! 

I always like to display the kids' scrapbooks at their birthday parties. This time around I made a simple "GROWING" banner and strung it between two bottles where their scrapbooks were. 

Happy Birthday, Kyler & Havyn! What a blessing it is to be your mama!

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