Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ahoy It's A Boy! {PLUS Discount}

My baby sister inspired me to make a "101 things to do in 1001" days list last summer. The list is full of meaningful, random and insanely challenging things, like meet a new neighbor, expand our garden and run a half marathon.  On that list I wrote: "Reunite with an old friend", not having anything particular in mind, but knowing such a feat is possible with the Internet and Facebook.  

 I never imagined number 37 on my 101 list would turn into a full-fledged friendship with an old high school friend - getting to share life and raise children side by side with such an amazing woman, who knows more of my past than almost anyone else in my life right now.  It's been an honor reconnecting with Julie and so I was thrilled when I got to co-host a "Sprinkle" for her soon-to-arrive baby boy, Dane (AND I got to co-host with another old high school friend, Sarah, who's recently moved back to Columbus - so thankful!). 

Sarah picked an adorable nautical theme in aqua and orange. We made a diaper cake for the main table decor and decorated with baby's breathe and whale tails. I realized the morning of the party that our family portraits probably weren't an appropriate background for the Sprinkle, so I found coordinating fabric and lined the frames with aqua polka dots and orange chevron stripes - easy fix! 

Kelly with Green Jazz Face Banners made this adorable "Ahoy It's A Boy" banner that was really the show stopper of the decor. She was very fun to work with and very accommodating with our custom requests. She has a great Etsy shop and is offering all our readers 20% OFF all party banners, shipped everywhere! Just enter code WHALE20 at checkout and enjoy. Thanks, Kelly!  

It's amazing how many whale oriented things you can find to serve when you look - we served fruit salad in a whale watermelon, GF cupcakes with whale cookie toppers, GF chicken salad sandwiches cut out in the shape of whales and whale crackers! 

It was a fun, low-key celebration amongst old and new friends. Now we're all waiting to welcome baby Dane and congratulate his family! 

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