Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NBrynn Designs

Some of you know me as writer, some of you as event planner and some of you as that crazy mom chasing those two over-active toddlers around! Another side of me, one that I don't talk about as much, is "small business owner". 

I started NBrynn Designs almost two years ago. Originally, I began with just little girls' accessories, inspired by our new baby girl, Havyn (who will be two this weekend!!). I got some positive feedback from friends and family about the pieces I was creating for her and, really just on a whim, decided to see if anyone would actually pay money for them. A few people did, and then a few more, and I started to see potential. 

In the process of trying to develop products for the girls' headbands, I stumbled across the idea of making bowties for the little guys. The first time I dress my two in a matching headband and bowtie set, they were a huge hit! I realized I was on to something and started listing bowties in my Etsy shop as well. 

I continued to develop the bowtie side of the business, improving construction and increasing fabric selections. By the end of my first year of business, NBrynn had gone through several transitions until finally morphing into what it is today: an established custom bowtie business. I slowly started phasing out most of my girl items so that I could focus on the volume of bowtie sales I was receiving. Other than a couple dozen matching bowtie and hair bow sets, my shop now consists of over 100 fabric options for bowties, sizing from newborn through adult. 

At the beginning of 2013, I set a personal sales goal for NBrynn that would equate to quadruple in sales from 2012. I was shocked when I hit that goal within the first quarter of the year! Needless to say, 2013 was much more successful than I ever dreamed and has been an enormous blessing to our family as I've transitioned to staying home full-time with the kids. When I left my desk job, we had no idea how we were going to pay the bills. NBrynn has been the answer. 

At the start of this year, 2014, I turned my focus to the bridal market. I'd done several bridal parties by custom request, but had never directly marketed for such customers. NBrynn now offers dozens of fabric choices for groomsmen, grooms, ushers and ring bearers, with matching flower girl and bridesmaids pieces also available. I recently started selling at the Wedding Mile and have teamed up with other vendors in the wedding industry to grow sales. It has been exciting to see this side of the business start to flourish!

It is always so amazing to me how many special events I get to be a part of through NBrynn. Whether it's a newborn photo session, a special family gathering, a Christmas party or a wedding, I'm honored that, in a tiny way, I was allowed into those priceless life moments. I always create my pieces with the individual in mind for this very reason. 

Two years ago, I had no intentions or expectations of starting a business that would result in hundreds of sales a month and thousands of dollars a year. With some creativity, dedication and hard work, and a lot of encouragement along the way, NBrynn Designs has become a small business that I'm proud to call my own. 

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