Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monster Bash: 1st Birthday Party

It may not be obvious from my recent blogging content, but I have a light, totally superficial side to me. I love parties! ;)>  Not the drink until your dropping sort of parties (I've never actually done that), but the sweet celebrations of life's special occasions. I've had the privilege of getting to help lots of friends and family make their special event a truly memorable occasion, and I love every second and every nitty gritty detail. 

I've scaled back on the number of events I help with, but when one of my dear friends asked if I could be her event planner for her son's first birthday party, I couldn't refuse! She'd already picked a "Monster Bash" theme and we quickly turned it into a festive, fun event with lots of special details.

 Guests were greeted with one of the most kid-loved favor tables I've ever witnessed! They got to "Adopt-a-monster" of their choosing, complete with a birth certificate where they named there new little creature. Kids also got to grab a pair of monster glasses and a balloon, and well, let's just say they were all smiles!

Cupcakes are a staple for me on any dessert table! In addition to three dozen cupcakes, we had monster lollipops, popcorn and M&M trail mix, cheese balls and granola bars. All the treats were very kid-friendly and we were left with just a few granola bars at the end. I used coordinating wrapping paper to cover empty boxes for layering and added pictures of the birthday boy for a personal touch.

Another staple in my events are pennant banners. They are so easy to make, so cute and really help tie colors and patterns throughout the design. Here I used a large pennant banner across the front of the table and a mini-pennant banner across the lollipop bucket. We framed the table with balloons and hung a "Happy Birthday" banner from the printables set purchased from DandeAve. These printables were also used for the cupcake toppers, water bottle wraps and on the favor table. Every party needs a good printable set!

For centerpieces, we used simple cylinder vases from the Dollar Store, filled with crinkle paper and added a monster tag and a picture of the birthday boy. Each centerpiece was under $3! 

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