Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clean Up, Clean Up...

I feel like I am CONSTANTLY cleaning! I spend half my day on my hands and knees wiping up meal messes and the other half running up and down the stairs doing load after load of laundry. I know you can relate. Having young kids is tough on the tidiness of a house. 

I used to have a very orderly, clean home. I swept, mopped, dusted, scrubbed, wiped - the works - every Saturday. It would stay really clean for a couple days, then slowly get messier and start to irritate me by the next Saturday. But NOW...oh now, if I actually find an hour or two to do a decent cleaning (still nothing as thorough as before), it stays clean for approximately 3.5 hours and then you'd never know the extent of my labor. Crumbs here, toys there, dirty laundry over there...

To be honest, I regularly {choose} my children over cleaning. I've become pretty comfortable with a lesser degree of tidiness than the perfectionist in me ever would have accepted before and I think it's quite a healthy adjustment. I live with crumbs until the kids go down for a nap or let that pile of laundry sit on the dresser for a day or two until I get to it. I love this saying as a reminder of what really matters: 

While my kids are teaching me to relax and invest my time where it counts, I also want to teach them to be organized and responsible. So, this week I turned my attention to our basement/play room where toys have historically found their homes scattered all across the floor. I like having a room in the house where such chaos is acceptable or at least doesn't affect the functioning of the home. However, I've also been dreaming of some added order to the space to help keep things from getting quite so out of hand. Here's what we came up with:

This was a very affordable organization project. Two $17 shelves from Walmart and a dozen bins from the Dollar Tree. My husband was able to print and laminate labels for me at work and then we attached them to the front of each bin with clear packing tape. I made the simple "Play Time" banner hung across the top in about twenty minutes with a couple pieces of scrapbook paper and some twine. Love it! 

The kids are doing a great job choosing one bin at a time to play with and then helping put that one away before moving on to the next toy. And I'm working hard to constantly be engaged with them and make wise decisions about how my time is spent. 

Wishing you and your family a home full of memories (and not too many messes)! :)

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