Sunday, March 17, 2013

{Two} Good to be True

Two years ago we welcomed my amazing son, Kyler, into the world. It has been an absolutely thrilling experience being his mother and watching him grow. He is kind, intelligent, playful and brave. He loves to chase daddy, splash in the bath and cuddle. He wants to share mama's bagel and "coppee" every morning (don't worry, he doesn't get the coffee!). He laughs at his sister "A-B", mimics {EVERY}thing and calls crayons "owls". He's very into "bots" (robots and Buzz Lightyear), has quite a kick and the most amazing eyelashes I've ever seen. He's truly one of those kids that is just {two} good to be true!

In honor of Ky-Ky's birthday, I'm going on a journey through old photos to capture the highlights and milestones of his second year. Will you join me?

First up: Celebrating his first birthday...a couple weeks late and with a new sister in tow!

Learning to be an {amazing} big brother.

Playing with all his {girl} cousins (will someone have a boy already?!).

Loving the water.

Exploring (with only minor injuries along the way!).

 Working as a model.

Dressing up for the holidays.

Being amazing and saying {cheez} a lot!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

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