Sunday, March 3, 2013

There She {Grows}

Absolutely unbelievable. My baby girl is one! How has an entire year passed already?! I can remember so vividly finding out we were pregnant again, feeling her tiny body wiggle inside of me, rushing to the hospital as my contractions quickly escalated, holding and feeding her for the first time, falling in love with her more each day. It all literally feels like yesterday. And now she is a gorgeous, playful, independent one year old!

Thankfully I have proof that it's been a whole year or I might not believe it. We documented her growth, one month at a time, thanks to the wise suggestion of one of my dearest friends. We were fortunate enough to hear about the idea before the birth of my first son and captured his first year  one month at a time as well. Here is how our sweet Havyn has grown over the past 12 months...


Love this one year photo by Shell's Photography - becoming such a little lady!

Happy Birthday, Avy Baby!!
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