Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pajama Glam 8th Birthday

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When I was asked to plan my niece's 8th birthday party, I immediately thought {girly} and {glam}. Those words describe her perfectly. The party theme quickly unfolded into an over-the-top zebra print and hot pink sleepover that I named, "Pajama Glam". It was a blast to plan and execute, and the girls had quite a thrilling evening. I'm excited to share it with you today!

I quizzed the party girl about all her favorite things to make sure the menu selection would be just what she wanted. At the top of the list were Doritos, Sprite, Rolos, Air Delights, cakepops and fruit punch. She has quite a sweet tooth! We managed to incorporate all her requests into the snack table and added in two flavors of cupcakes and "Madi's Movie Theater Popcorn".
 I think packaging is one of the main keys to a fabulous looking dessert or snack table. I used the matching fry boxes from the printable set to hold Doritos, glammed up the fruit punch by wrapping a sparkly pipe cleaner around each champagne flute base, personalized the popcorn by wrapping them in zebra paper and a picture of the birthday girl and "hid" the sprite bottles with a wrap and embellished straw. The outcome was a well-coordinated table and very happy little girls. You should have seen them giggle with delight when drinking from their flutes!
The zebra striped cookies were a last minute addition, a special request by the birthday girl. We got them through a sweet little family-owned bakery in our area called The Chocolate Tree. Cupcakes and cakepops were custom ordered through Kroger bakery. 

I love having a printable package that allows me to coordinate decor throughout the party. Everywhere you looked there was some matching pink and zebra print decoration! 

Keeping eight active girls entertained all night took some serious planning. We wrote a time on several balloons attached to a takeout box with a note, so that at each hour the kids got to open a box and find out what their next activity would be. It saved us from constant "What are we doing now?!" and was fun anticipation for the girls. Our activities included embellishing flip flops and personalizing their shoe boxes, a dance party, pedicures, a fashion show and photo booth pictures. 
Each girl got a shoe box filled with a pair of flip flops and supplies to embellish them, lotion, custom pajama pants and matching nightgowns for their baby dolls. When we did the photo booth, each girl also received their own pink boa and glittery black mask. They were in heaven! 
I love getting to show the guest of honor her spread once everything is all set up. She felt very special and was so excited for an evening of fun with friends! Pajama Glam success!!

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