Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hairbow Holder Tutorial

I have a side business making boutique hairbows for girls and bowties for my daughter has A LOT of bows! It quickly became evident that she needed some way of storing them all. It needed to be functional & cute. Here's what we came up with.

All you need is a piece of scrap wood, paint, ribbon, letters & some hot glue. We chose a light aqua & peach to match my daughter's room decor. My husband actually borrowed a router from a friend to create the detail on the edges that you see, but we later found out that we could purchase an unfinished wood plaque at Michael's for $10, which would have saved a lot of time & energy!

I wanted the sign to have a shabby chic distressed look, so we painted a layer of the aqua & peach in patches before putting the final white coats over them. Later, we used sandpaper to rub off some of that white coat so that the aqua & peach coats showed through.

Color coat underneath

White coat directly over

Next, we modge-podged letters cut out of scrapbook paper with my Cricut to the front and then sprayed with a clear coat of spray paint. The final step was to hot glue strips of ribbon to the back of the plaque. I used two types of ribbon, five strips total, each about a yard long (just to make sure we don't run out of bow space anytime soon!).  

Finished product hanging in her room (before the bows took over!)

I've made 6 more of these for friends & family since our first trial run for Havyn! Here's another version:

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