Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memory Chests

I'm pretty nostalgic. Ok, very nostalgic when it comes to my children. I can hardly get through a day without thinking with sadness on the day that they'll move away from home...and they're not even 1 & 2 years old yet!! Some people call it crazy, I just call it in love! Haha...ok, and a little bit crazy! ;)>

Since all kids grow up, I came up with this little way of perserving a few more of the memories of their childhood years. When I go to clean out their closets each season of clothes they've outgrown, I pick one or two of my favorites to put in their memory chests. I write a little note about the outfit, i.e. "You wore this on March 18th when you first came from the hospital to your new home! Mommy & Daddy were so excited to show you all the things we had made and bought for you. And we were so excited that you were our new baby!" The outfit is folded neatly and tied up with a ribbon and the note.


Havyn's first 4th of July outfit & her going home could I throw these out?!  

I use these tag sheets of paper from Joann Fabrics to write the notes on.

I admit I'm going to have to slow waaay down on what I'm keeping (or get much bigger chests!)

See this other post for more ideas on preserving your children's memories!

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