Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Growing, Growing, Gone....

If you weren't crazy about crafting and celebrations before Pinterest, I'm not sure how you avoid the "bug"  now! Ideas are EVERYwhere and I can't help but bring one or two home a week to try (with the gracious help of my husband!), especially if it involves preserving the little years of our children. One of our more recent Pinterest success stories is this adorable wall ruler, which I'm very excited to utilize throughout Kyler & Havyn's lives (still haven't figured out exactly how I am going to mark their growth each year, so please message me if you have ideas!!).

Cute, right? My husband did a fabulous job bringing this Pinterest idea to life. (Thanks Jennifer for the idea inspiration!). We just started with a piece of scrap wood and some spare stain...literally didn't have to spend a dime on this one!

 One coat wasn't nearly enough...

We did lots of staining and lots of waiting to get the right shade.

The staining was definitely the worst part...a little messy and lots of coats! But once that was done, we just used a ruler and a Sharpie to draw the ruler lines up the side. We made sure to vary the line lengths to mimic those of an actual ruler and then with the help of my handy, dandy Cricut (what did we do before Cricut's?!), we cut out black numerals 1-6 and modge-podged them onto the ruler....


The hanging of our adorable oversized ruler was another slightly complicated I left it compeltely up to my husband! He figured out some system of supporting the bottom with brackets screwed into the wall and then secured the top with two small screws. All I know is that it's up and it looks great!!

Can't wait to measure the little ones every year and see their growth!!

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